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Belton, SC 29627

Welcome to the website of vom Drakehaus Kennels in Belton, South Carolina.

Puppies will not be available until 2019.

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Drahthaars are intelligent, good-natured, midsized hunting dogs with a keen sense of tracking and a passion for retrieving. An excellent family dog as well as a faithful and dependable companion in water, woods, and field, the Drahthaar can be energetic or calm, as the situation demands. Gentle, friendly, and obedient around children and other dogs, they become intensely focused when there’s a job to do.

Created in Germany in the late 19th century by breeders who combined the best traits of the Deutsch-Kurzhaard, Griffon, Pudelpointer, and Stichelhaar, the Drahthaar’s thick, wiry, water-resistant coat offers protection from extreme temperatures, insect bites, and rough brush. Typically brown and white or black and white, Drahthaars’ endurance and athletic build give them a distinct advantage in the wild. Their intellect and ability to concentrate makes them superior pointers and retrievers, and their exuberant nature and robust energy level make them virtually indefatigable. (A detailed history of the development of this breed is available here.)

Our Drahthaars--Bento, Ondra, and Lina--are award-winning champions and top of the line performers on the hunt, but they’re also beloved pets. To learn more about our dogs and our litters, please enjoy the information and photos posted on our website. We’d love to introduce this wonderful breed to your family, too.

Tommy Chapman